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Did you buy a snowboard and bindings, but you have no idea how to mount them? Then this video can help you! Björn, our advisor, explains exactly how to mount your bindings.


First decide which foot is in front. Are you Regular, with your left foot in front? Or are you Goofy, with your right foot in front? In doubt: A common trick is to give a little push in the back. The foot you get off with is the one in front.

Look at the front of the board, the nose. Put the left binding on the left and the right binding on the right. This means that the buckles are on the outside of your foot. This seems obvious, but we sometimes see fun variations on this.


Next, determine how far apart your bindings will be, the stance width. This is usually the reference position, the ideal position according to the brand. If you are tall, widen the distance between the bindings. If you are short, the distance between the bindings can be reduced. You can also use the length of your lower leg as a reference. Use this length for the distance between the bindings.

The reference position is usually also the place where the board has the best character. On freeride-oriented boards, the bindings are mounted at the back of the board (setback). Freestyle boards are mounted centrally (in the middle).

The angle of the bindings depends on your style and preference. If you ride in one direction, the stance of your bindings will be towards that direction. Your front bindings will be mounted on 18/21 degrees. For a comfortable stance, you should adjust the rear edge between -3 and -9 degrees.

If your back foot is at a negative angle, more freestyle is possible and you can ride backwards or fakie more easily. Many freestylers ride with their feet in a stance of +15 degrees at the front and -15 degrees at the back. We call this stance 'duck stance'. You stand like a duck with your feet pointing outwards.

Now for the alignment; how much does the binding hang over the heel and toe sides of your board. This should be as equal as possible on both sides and no more than 2.5 cm. This will ensure that the power you exert is properly distributed over the toe and heel area. The width of your board and the sole length of your shoe are therefore very important!

Now you can mount the binding. Tighten the screws loosely first, so that you can still adjust the stance width and angle. Is everything OK? Then you can tighten everything. Use a screwdriver with a flat Phillips head, not a drill! Regularly check whether everything is still tight with, for example, this tool.

Put on your boots and stand in your bindings. Does it feel good? Then you're ready. Not satisfied? You can easily unscrew and adjust everything to your liking.


Do you have a snowboard and bindings that you want to combine? Watch out! Not every binding fits on every board. In this video, Björn explains step by step what to look for when putting together your snowboard set.