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8848 Altitude winter sportswear

With 30 years of experience in skiing and fashion, 8848 Altitude has earned its position as a leading premium brand, known for its unique style, superior quality and high level of fashion. The long story of solid craftsmanship, a genuine passion for skiing and mountaineering combined with the dedication to create the perfect garments is the secret of the successful journey. No shortcuts, no compromises. A mindset that follows a philosophy every skier knows well: you have to earn your success.

History of 8848 Altitude

May 11, 1990 was the historic date of Sweden's first successful expedition to Mount Everest. Mikael Reuterswärd and Oskar Kihlborg were the two who reached the summit at 8848 metres. The preparations were intensive, using the most modern equipment available at the time. To develop clothing for the team, a young design team was hired, led by the enthusiastic skier and designer Magnus Berggren. He and the team had made themselves known in the textile world through their unique blend of alpine experience and advanced textile skills.

After the success of the expedition where the specially designed garments were used, Magnus decided to put them into production for sale to a wider audience. The name 8848 Altitude was registered and the brand was born. The collection grew and the unique look and feel of 8848 Altitude soon made it a must-have brand among leading skiers in Scandinavia and the Alps.

Our mission is to create well-designed products to enjoy what the outdoors has to offer, and to inspire new experiences: from epic adventures in the mountains to that refreshing walk in the park. Whether the mountain is white or green, whether it's Mount Everest, a challenging black run or just a beautiful hillside near you, it's there to be enjoyed. For all of us. Young, old, noob or pro. Simply put, it's our reason for being: Passion for the mountains.