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POC helmets and protection


POC is a young Swedish company that makes helmets and other protection products. Back protectors, knee protection, wrist protection, crash pants, helmets, goggles and goggles.

History of POC


The company was founded in 2005. The first products were already shown at the leading ISPO fair in Munich. There they also presented their mission: they do their utmost to prevent injuries and long-term injuries. To achieve this, they work together with orthopaedists and neurologists who specialise in spinal fractures. They are constantly working on the best way to protect athletes in the snow, on their bikes and in the water.

In 2006 POC gained worldwide fame when the American Julia Mancuso won the giant slalom at the Winter Olympics in Turin. Photos of the winner wearing a POC helmet and goggles travelled the world. Since then POC has been one of the market leaders in protective products for winter sports.

Thanks to the many athletes and sports teams who have committed themselves to the brand, a lot of hard work has gone into improving the fit and streamlining of the products, saving weight and protecting the products. For example, POC was one of the first manufacturers to design back protection made up of soft panels of VPD (Visco-elastic Polymer Dough), which only harden on impact.

Another technology POC has been working with for a number of years is MIPS (Multi Impact Protection System), which helps a helmet absorb impacts that don't come straight at the helmet. A kind of three-dimensional absorption of blows, so the risk of brain damage is considerably reduced.