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Bitte fügen Sie ein weiteres Produkt zum Vergleich hinzu.
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On this site you will find our ‘demo-boards’. These are snowboards that have been tried and tested. All demo-boards are technically in mint condition and will be delivered with a 1-year Manufacturer’s Warranty. There are two categories:
Category 1: snowboards with a limited amount of usage;
Category 2: used snowboards.
All demo-boards have been securely waxed and sharpened. They are immediately ready for use.

The pictures show the original products, these are not the photos of the used snowboards.

Pay attention: the demo-boards can not be returned!


A demo-snowboard from category 1 has been used only a very limited number of times. Despite some minor signs of wear and tear, which are hardly visible, the snowboard is in mint condition!


With a demo-board from category 2 you can tell that it has been used, but technically the snowboard is still in mint condition.