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Barts winter sports accessories

Barts is a Dutch brand that makes clothing accessories. Hats, scarves, ear bands, gloves, mittens for men, women and children. But they also make summer clothing, like board shorts and short trousers. In fact, that is where it all started. But especially because of the winter collection, it is one of our most sold brands.

Histort of Barts

Barts was founded by Bart Koene in 1986. Bart is a very normal Dutch boy who, on holiday in Saint-Tropez, sold his self-sewn shorts on the beach. In the years that follow, he expands his business beyond the beaches of Saint-Tropez.

The product line also expanded. Hats, gloves and other winter clothing accessories were added to the range in the mid-1990s. The most beautiful knitted patterns are used, to radiate quality and authenticity. But many functional fleece products were also made, which proved just as popular.