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Nitro snowboards

Nitro is an organically growing company. They only try to work with suppliers that are family owned and operated, just like them. At Nitro, it's all about you, the customer. Every time you go out they want to make your snowboarding experience more enjoyable. Nitro is for every snowboarder, no matter what your style or skill level.

Nitro conserves by focusing on quality to extend the life of a product. They also only produce what's on demand and they consider energy consumption and carbon emissions when shipping products. They source alternative and sustainable materials to replace those based on fossil fuels and high carbon emissions.

History of Nitro

The first Nitro line was developed in the fall of 1989, but the final decision for the brand name was made at Vera's Café in Ballard, Seattle, on January 6, 1990. When Tommy Delago and Sepp Ardelt co-founded Nitro, they had representatives scattered around the globe and that hasn't changed for over 30 years. Staying local allows them to see multiple markets and the needs of people from different cultures. Working locally also reduces their footprint on the planet.