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Customer Card

Great benefits for regular customers

With the Duijvestein Winterstore loyalty card you, as a customer of our physical shops, can enjoy the following unique benefits:

  • 15% discount on maintenance.
  •  Buy a ski/snowboard from the new collection and get 3x free maintenance*.
  • Pre-sale promotions: be the first to benefit from discounts.
  •  Exclusive offers.
  •  Access to fun events and clinics with themes such as: equipment maintenance, winter sports fashion and testing of newest skis and snowboards.
  • Saving for Duijvestein points.

The loyalty card is free. The Duijvestein Winterstore loyalty card can only be used in the physical shops. Savings points can only be earned on purchases made in the physical shops. The voucher is not redeemable for purchases in the webshop.

Duijvestein points

With every purchase that is registered on the loyalty card, you save points.

  •  For every €10,- you spend with us, you receive 1 Duijvestein point.
  •  20 Duijvestein points represent a value of €5.
  •  Every year, at the beginning of October, you will receive a cheque for the value of your points. The cheque can be redeemed on purchases from the new winter collection, but also on discounted items and the maintenance of your equipment. In the Duijvestein Winterstore, you save no less than 2.5% of your purchases in Duijvestein points.**)

*) Not in combination with other promotions and/or offers. This action is only valid in our shops and not for purchases in our webshop.

**) Duijvestein points are not redeemable for cash. Also, Duijvestein points cannot be used for alterations of clothing, repairs, deliveries and payment of online purchases.

Offer conditions voucher 2019-2020

  •  This voucher is valid until 31 October 2019;
  •  The amount of this voucher is calculated on the basis of registered purchases from 27 September 2018 to 24 September 2019;
  •  From 24 September 2019, you have started saving again for the voucher you will receive next year;
  •  After 31 October 2019, the voucher is no longer redeemable and the points you have saved up to 24 September 2019 expire;
  •  It is not necessary to print out your voucher. You can also show it digitally on your phone in our shop(s);
  •  It is not possible to use this voucher for purchases through the Duijvestein Winterstore webshop and the Duijvestein Premium Outlet webshop;
  •  The voucher can be used not only on the new collection and maintenance, but also on discounted items;
  •  It is not possible to retroactively add to the value of your voucher any receipts from the past that have not been registered on your loyalty card;
  •  No loyalty points are awarded on the amount of the voucher;
  •  The voucher cannot be exchanged for cash;
  •  The voucher must be spent in one go;
  •  When returning items purchased with the voucher, you will receive a voucher valid until 31 October 2019.
  •  The voucher is not valid in combination with other promotions and offers.
  •  When purchasing items from the Warehouse Sale, you will not receive Duijvestein points.
  •  The voucher will be sent digitally. Therefore, when creating the loyalty card, we ask if it is okay to include your email address in our email file.

Change address

Have you received mail from us at the wrong address, or have you moved? Send an e-mail to: [email protected] and we will adjust your address immediately. You will then receive our mail again at the correct address.